From idea to execution, 10x faster

A business has a history and therefore it has crossed various periods and milestones. With the emergence of technology, some ancient workflows may still no longer be compliant with the pace the world requires to stay on the edge of an industry.

Therefore we have build visualia, a tool that helps you build the apps your business needs to fuel its sustainability and stability throughout the present and the future, without the hassle of being technology-dependent.

Create your own business application without coding

Visualia offers a versatile workflow designer and UI designer that allows for building your business app without coding. In the use case presented here, an app was built for a company active in the construction sector. It is capable to streamline the whole business process and logic for all actors: sales, workers, and managers.

All these actors can manage their projects by entering the contact details, the construction site quantities, design, and dimensions. They can also take pictures, annotate them, perform the daily follow up and create the financial report.

Visualia interface designer

Intuitive coding (drag ‘n drop)

Example of deployed app

Cross-platform and mobile ready

Incorporate AI in your business process

Another huge advantage of Visualia is its capability to easy use and deploy artificial intelligence or machine learning techniques in your daily business processes. Various techniques can be used to analyse your data, and use AI to analyse images or videos faster and more accurately than a human could do, after a learning process.

This is the case, for example, in the field of industry 4.0 where a huge amount of data is available and requires to be analysed using an algorithm or AI to better control or improve the quality or speedup of the production process.

Example scenario > Color detection in an Industrial Process

Another example is the detection of defaults in intermediate or final products, using images or videos. In a general framework, this detection could be performed using neural networks. In case of defaults involving colors (for instance, defaults on thermal images), an algorithm using color detection allows to analyse of a large dataset of images, class pixels of the images into color groups and compute the percentage of each group in the image. A project was performed in this way for the analysis of fractures of metals bounding by glue. The objective was to detect the percentage of the fracture taking place into the glue. See example of results above.

3 steps to understand, formalise and deliver a solution that meets your needs.

Thanks to our experienced team, we are capable of understand your business specificities and challenges and consecutively we can make visualia work to meet your business needs.

  • Define & Build a relevant and ideal scenario
  • Develop & Design a cross-platform interface
  • Test & Deploy the application